About Faras

Helping to Connect Proffesionals with World Class Organizations

We are a specialist recruitment agency based in the Czech Republic providing leading healthcare organizations with the best employees from across Europe.

FaRaS Czech s.r.o. is authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic to mediate employment for citizens of Czech Republic, EU and EEA (European Economic Area) to foreign countries and to offer advisory services in this matter.

Our vision

Shaping the careers of professionals by matching their knowledge and skills with the best job opportunities. Enriching the client's orga­nization human resources by focused selection of professionals best fitting the client's requ­irements.

Our mission

Faras Czech is committed to provide comprehensive recruitment services in order to supply the clients with talented, highly skilled and competent professionals.

Based on our diverse professional and cultural background and expertise we ensure holistic preparation of the candidates for employment and living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We use individual approach in dealing with candidates and continuous communication pre and post employment. Our company guarantees complete transparency, confidentiality and focused, reliable services aimed to satisfy both, prospective candidates and client organisations.

Company values

Focus, flexibility of service




Satisfaction of all our customers

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